We provide lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukelele, Drums and Hip-Hop Dance.

If you are interested in learning other instruments or genres of the performing arts such as Musical Theatre,

send us an inquiry on the "Contact Us" page and we will find a Music Educator for you!

Need a space to teach your students, hold practices and mini-events and gatherings,

send us an inquiry on the "Contact Us" page for more information on renting a space.

Lessons are provided at Husmillo Music Studios

located in the East 45th and Fraser Street area in Vancouver

Contact Michelle at Tel 604-825-7518 

or submit your inquiry on the "Contact Us" page for more information and registration.

We would love to teach YOU!.....

Husmillo Music Studios strives to provide guidance and growth to all music students.  We strive to provide patience, understanding, and direction to ensure continued interest in music studies. We aim to capture and enrich the creativity and talent of the individual student, to cherish and value all music knowledge obtained and retained. Teaching at a comfortable pace and level is core for the student.  Ensuring there is a positive resonance during the music lesson even during difficult learning moments is key to a student’s continuous ambition to strive for excellence and aspirations to learn music and grow to higher levels.

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