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Michelle Husmillo Tenorio, Owner and Director
Michelle Husmillo Tenorio has been in business for 22 years and has taught as many as 41 students on a weekly basis while working in the BC Government.  She has completed her ARCT studies in the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her education includes: Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from the University of British Columbia, Diplomas in Child Daycare Management and Legal Assistant both through International Career School and a Diploma in Real Estate through the Sauder School of Business also through the University of British Columbia.  Among her several management positions, she is a licensed Realtor at Amex FraserRidge Realty in Vancouver and a Legalshield Associate.  She is the 5pm Mass Choir Conductor at St. Patrick’s Church in Vancouver.  From 1991 to 1998, she was the soloist at the 5pm Mass at St. Patrick’s Church and from 1998 to the present, she encompassed the role of the Choir Director and Conductor at the same mass.  She is hired to perform at various events, weddings, funerals and shows.  Among placing in numerous standings in several competitions such as Northern Rising Stars Star Search, Filipino Starquest, Lansdowne Karaoke and Talent contests, she won 1st place at the Shaw Discovery Talent Show in 2001 alongside her brother, Jason Husmillo, singing "The Prayer" held at the PNE, recorded two original songs with Judd Skinner through Birzneck Records and performed at Forever Living Products International Business Convention held in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Get a glimpse of Michelle's performances in our Gallery and Youtube!

Our Studio Instructors.....

Arthur Raymundo
Arthur coaches highly competitive dance teams at St. Patrick's Regional Secondary School.  Their dance training culminates dance styles from La Riva Dance Co. to Harbour Dance Co. and his dance teams have participated and placed in several standings in competitions all over British Columbia. He also has a melodious, intriguing, unique, strong voice. He is musically trained in piano and voice with Michelle Husmillo Tenorio.  He provides a good balance of enjoyment and discipline in the student's lesson.

Ashley Gonzales
Ashley began piano lessons at age 4 and voice lessons at 7, and was musically trained at Mobile Music School.  In her completion of Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations, she achieved First Class Honours with Distinction in piano and theory. She is a member of the St. Patrick's Secondary Chamber Choir and accompanies the St. Patrick's 9am church choir with her musical talents.

Marianne Alabazo
Marianne is loved by all her dance students.  They look forward to their lesson with her. She has dance training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, jazz funk, tap and Filipino folk dance from Studio 604.  She has performed in Dream Dance Studio's annual shows held at the Michael J Fox Theatre, The Bell Centre and the Centre of the Performing Arts and has competed in many dance competitions.

Kathleen Zaragosa
Kathleen started singing at 3 years old, and piano at 7 years old.  She has always had a passion for music and officially started voice lessons at 5 years old.  She has joined various singing competitions and officially started piano lessons and RCM at 10 years old.  She is currently a member of Little Flower Academy Concert and Chamber Choirs, as well as main pianist and Music Ministry cantor for school liturgies.  She sings and is back-up pianist for the St. Patrick’s 9am church choir.  She also has been playing the ukulele for 6 years, and have won competitions by playing/singing her own renditions of songs and sings/plays instruments for community events.

Geoffrey Husmillo
Geoffrey is an amazing singer/performer trained with a voice similar to Usher and teaches voices and piano.  He has completed his piano music studies through the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Also a DJ, he produces Trance and House music through his own music label Geoff Major. 

Luis Garzon
Luis is our amazing drums and guitar instructor.  He plays at countless gigs. He is an amazing, dynamic teacher and is truly passionate about music.  He has completed his music studies at Vancouver Community College - Contemporary Instrument Music Program.  He is a professional Latin percussionist with diverse cover/original bands: Orquestra Tropicana , Jamie Dale Band, Orquestra Raza Latina and Palo Loco Latin band. 

Rachelle Veloso
Rachelle has a passion for anything involving music.  She started taking singing and piano lessons at Husmillo Music studios, with Michelle Husmillo Tenorio, at the age of 6.  She currently sings at the Saint Andrew's Church 10AM choir, Araujo's Women's Chorale, and her school's Concert Choir.  Rachelle is also part of the competitive dance team in Saint Patrick's Secondary School.  She loves working with kids, spreading positivity and always makes sure students have a fun learning experience.

Dani Camacho

Dani studies voice in Capilano University's Classical Music program.  She enjoys singing a variety of genres such as pop, folk, musical theatre, and classical.  She also plays instruments including guitar, piano, bass, ukulele and drums.  Dani loves choral music.  She was an active member of Little Flower Academy's Chamber Choir and Concert Choir for five years and is currently singing with Capilano University Singers.  She enjoys performing, songwriting, recording and arranging, as well.  Music is Dani's biggest passion and she feels blessed to be able to share this love and knowledge with her students. 

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